About Us

True Alternative Energy is an Australian Veteran and Indigenous owned company that is multi-skilled, vastly experienced team that operates to industry standards We have developed an alternative business model, where innovation and “green solutions that don’t cost the earth” are key to our operations and philosophy. 

Our dedication, determination and principles, combined with our teams broad industry experience and partnerships with like minded Companies drives us to succeed in building a better future the generations to come after us. 

Whatever your power needs, we can help. We’ve got the broadest range of on-site power generation solutions on the market today, with everything from energy storage for controlled load reduction to solar panels for producing off-grid electricity fuel cells and waste to energy solutions.

We use commercial-grade components, UL certified parts and materials whenever possible, which yields unparalleled performance and reliability – no matter where you live in the world.


Our Services


With the support from our technical and engineering partners, we usher potential opportunities through the feasibility study, project development and its execution


We can assist to ensure the correct solution is provided for each of our customers needs. We help you to select the right products for your application, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome


We are able to to work with our partners for the Installation & Commissioning of our products into your project

Our Products


Our innovative and sustainable technologies removes pollutants from industrial emissions to help tackle the challenge of climate change impacting the global environment. The patented recyclable solutions are designed to remove Mercury, Hydrogen Sulphide or multi pollutants (Sox, Not and Hg). Each system can be customised and can be retrofitted to current installations.


The Alternate Energy clean energy system can produce hydrogen-rich gas on demand from biomass and waste sources. By harnessing the power of nature through its patent pending technology, Alternate Energy eliminates the need for landfill disposal of waste materials, reduces emissions and creates a profitable business opportunity with a minimum of effort.


Our solar street lighting designed and developed to meet the harshest of conditions. Our solar street lighting will safely illuminate streets, roads, carparks and playgrounds with out expensive infrastructure all whilst reducing our carbon footprint Choosing our All In One LED Lighting, is choosing lighting the way to your future!

Lube Oil Filtration and Quality Control

True alternative Energy with our partners US Petrolon Industrial Inc, design and manufacture filtration systems that increase fluid life as well as preserving and protecting your equipment. Our filtration systems use a patented depth filter element to remove wear-causing particles (down to 1-3 microns) and water (up to five quarts per element) from your system to ensure your process plant operates for longer reducing down time and costly maintenance.


Producing fresh pure drinking water from the air is our specialty. Our AWG-30H/O household/office based atmospheric water generators make water from air up to 30 ltrs per day which is purer than any source available on the planet. True Alternative Energy also manufactures large industrial Atmospheric Water Generators capable of producing 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 3,000, 5,000 up to 10,000 ltrs of fresh pure water in a single day.


Our patented waste tyre thermolysis plant can recycle waste tyres and waste rubber into high-value fuel bio diesel, carbon black, steel wire. This method of recycling , not only processes the waste tyres, but also produces renewable resources. The equipment is safe, energy-saving and environment friendly and thus is highly spoken of by clients at home and abroad.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Our Hydrogen Fuel Cells are user friendly and provide safe electrical base load power that is entirely green. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and as they release zero emissions and operate quietly.
With less maintenance than traditional generators remote monitoring customers OPEX is significantly reduced.
With the Introduction of our Ammonia to hydrogen Technology our fuels cells are now cheaper to operate than diesel generators and the storage of fuel taking significantly less room and requiring to be refilled once per year

Battery Generators and Storage solutions

We deliver reliable, cost effective and sustainable range of battery storage solutions ranging from small portable units through to domestic and commercial grid storage.
Our battery storage solutions can be used instead of generators at your construction site or in conjunction with your generator to significantly reduce your fuel costs.

Rehabilitation Processes

True Alternative Energy rehabilitation practices conducted with consultation with the traditional landowners strives to achieve safe, stable and ecologically sustainable utilitarian condition which provides ecosystem services and lowers rather than raises impacts on natural systems


Alternate Energy is a renewable energy company that enables corporate and public sector clients to become more sustainable by providing clean power options. Our suite of innovative products allow our customers to meet their sustainability goals while saving on their electricity costs and emissions footprint.

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