We help you design and engineer
the life you want

As an independent supplier of green energy solutions, we are not restricted to any particular manufacturer or any of their specification – you get a unique solution designed and customised to suit your specific requirements.

Our team and our partners have decades of experience in engineering, process engineering and power generation. We have experience at a national and global level and are client focused and goal driven

Whether it’s:

  • Waste to hydrogen,
  • Carbon capture,
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Solar-powered generator
  • LED lighting
  • Atmospheric water generation
  • Lube oil Filtration
  • Tyres to bio diesel

We offer a range of green energy solutions to complement your business. This ensures you have regular access to power and makes you less dependent on traditional energy sources.

We also offer solutions for utilising landfill gas power, allowing you to capture the methane gas released by organic waste, and recycling it into a safe and reliable energy source.