Hydrogen from Renewable Natural Gas

The HydroGEN modular hydrogen generation unit is a fully integrated product. This enables us to convert RNG from MSW sites into hydrogen rather than releasing emissions into the atmosphere. Upfront gas and water treatment equipment is included on the package to ensure equipment reliability and minimise additional equipment required for pre-treatment, product purification, and carbon capture

Through these partners we can offer a turnkey package including: 

  • Hydrogen Storage

  • Hydrogen Compression

  • Hydrogen Liquefaction

  • Truck Loading

  • Transport Trailers

  • Power Generation

  • CO2 Sequestration 

Carbon Capture

Amine technology has been used for decades to capture CO2 from industrial flue gas streams.  Amine absorbs the CO2 from the process stream through absorption.  Once the CO2 is capture, the amine solvent is regenerated releasing the purified CO2 stream for storage or further purification.  TAE with is partners Reset Energy employs or extensive experience designing amine units to deliver a safe, reliable, and efficient product that maximises value for our clients.  

H2S Treating solutions

By working with our partners we are able to provide modular skid mounted H2s treatment systems the will prevent the ned for flaring this dangerous emission. 

The system will utilise a non toxic, biodegradable and completely regenerable catalyst. As a result of the treatment the H2S will be destroyed and produce organic, pure elemental sulfur as a byproduct , creating the potential of net zero disposal from the unit

Gas Treating

True Alternative Energy’s partner Reset Energy has designed, built, and commissioned amine treating equipment up to 1800 gpm circulation per train.  Additionally, we specialize in large dehydration equipment, experienced in designs at and above 350 MMSCFD.