Oil Filtration Solutions

CONTAMINATION is the enemy of your rotatable equipment systems, causing 80% of all lubricated equipment failures. Moisture can degrade the oil by causing oil oxidation, acid and varnishing leading to metal deterioration, whilst wear causing particulate accelerates wear on vital system parts. The presence of these contaminants in oils increases downtime, labour costs and oil disposal. Our Filtration Systems are designed as a maintenance free and recommended to be fitted by OEM’s like GE as per GE product bulletin PB-LM6000-IND-0281
The superior oil-water separation is achieved with the patented USPI depth and water removing filter elements. 
Our Depth filter systems provide a rapid return on investment by significantly improving equipment lube oil cleanliness levels (Water and Particulate), leading to increased fluid and turbine life. As a result our depth filters remove contaminates 1-3 microns and greater in fluid, whilst also removing up to 5 quarts of water and 14 pounds of solid contaminate per element ( up to 50 times the amount of particulate when compared to a spin-on filter, which also does not hold water)

Our systems are designed to suit your needs, environmental situation, type and quantity of oil.