Why us

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions

True Alternative Energy we are proud to be working both regulators and Industry to bring True Clean Base Load power solutions to Western Australia.

 With our innovative solutions we will be able to help not only our nation but our region to reduce emissions whilst ensuring the stability of our energy grid.


Designed to be extremely rugged and reliable, the GenCell Backup Operations eXtender (BOX) is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions – temperature, humidity & salinity. Compact in size, the BOX requires almost no maintenance and is completely green. Emitting no noise or CO2, it complies with environmental regulations and incentives. Designed to meet the specs of telecom base stations, the BOX suits outdoor locations, outputs long-duration 48V DC backup power for as long as fuel is available and connects with standard telecom Energy Management System protocolsThe GenCell BOX resolves the key weaknesses of the most common backup power solutions: the limited duration and disposal issues of batteries, the fumes, noise, CO2 emissions and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the daylight limitations of solar PV energy systems. Fueled by hydrogen, the GenCell BOX delivers uninterrupted operations for critical communication systems.

With the installed investor we are able to supply the stable voltage requirements of the customer.



Powered by hydrogen, the GenCell REX utility backup power solution produces 5kW of emissions-free electricity for substations during power outages. Operating as a direct source of power or supplementing legacy backup battery systems that provide only 6-8 hours of electricity, the GenCell REX keeps circuit breaker auto-reclosers operational until the grid recovers. The solution alleviates the need for costly multiple battery rooms, avoids the pollution and maintenance costs of diesel and includes a shelter that is resistant to high-voltage interference and earthquakes.

The GenCell REX is an enhanced version of the GenCell G5rx solution, available in three configurations – 130VDC, 48 VDC and dual 130/48 VDC output in a single unit to support both substation loads and communications systems. The GenCell REX also offers enhanced integration with leading utility SCADA systems and improved remote monitoring and control software.



Green Power with Out Limits

The GenCell A5 power solution unleashes the power of fuel cells by using an inexpensive and easily

accessible liquid fuel–ammonia—to provide emission-free, reliable energy for telecoms, schools, water

purification and more.

And it’s extremely efficient: a single 12-ton tank of ammonia can fuel a base station 24 hours a day, 365

days a year. This makes the GenCell A5 solution ideal for use in remote locations that lack grid access or

where the grid is unstable and backup power is frequently required.


PowerUP Portable Fuel Cells

PowerUp portable fuel cells come in 3 sizes, 200W 400W and the 1000W hydrogen fuel cell electric generators.Each unit is designed to fit your needs and offer the ultimate plug and play solution. All units are easy to use, smart design and give you energy independence.

Where ever you are the UP200 will allow you to charge your smartphone, laptop, radios, lights and many other small devices.

The UP400 and 1000 are perfect and rated for both caravanning and marine use.

You could create your first micro grid by combining it with batteries, solar panels and or wind turbines.