Why us

The Voltstack® Ecosystem

Creating something that matters begins with believing you have the power to do so. With the Voltstack® line of clean energy electric generators or portable power stations, True Alternative Energy ensures you have more than enough energy exactly where you need it, so you can be sure your project powers forward.

Voltstack® clean energy electric generators or portable power stations have quietly charged past idling gas and diesel generators to become an industry leader in sustainability with silent, emissions-free operation, portability, and robust construction.


Why us

Industrial Storage Solutions

Our containerised Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) allows for fast installation and easy operation due to its modular design

Based on a standard 40′ HC container, it copes with configurations from 2500 kWh in a single container to large scale storage combining multiple containers. It integrates state of the art battery systems, Battery management systems and operation monitoring systems with lithium-ion battery consistency ensuring 8000 lifecycles over 8 years to meet the most demanding applications

Why us

Domestic Storage

Our household battery storage modules are designed and manufactured with built in battery management system (BMS), branded cells and high resistant materials to ensure product safety, complying with AS IEC 62619.

The modular design enables us to keep the cost down for our customers by allowing multiples of 3.07 KWH and 4.92Kwh by up to a maximum of 6 modules in parallel.