Solar Street Lighting

True Alternative Energy and its manufacturing partner is specialising in the development, production and sales of LED products, we have been particularly focused on solar all in one outdoor lighting applications..

We manufacture and supply various kinds of outdoor lamps, both solar and AC voltage for applications such as street lights, flood lights, garden lamps, etc. We also provide OEM customization.

The main advantages of our company′s products are: Excellent quality, the materials we use are the best quality of compairable products, our quality assurance program ensures supplier integrity and that the manufacturing process  is assured protecting the rights of clients.

In the past few years, we have been focusing on the development of LED lights and their applications. As we are taking high-quality products and high-quality services as our tenet, we continue to grow our experience and an abundance of satisfied clients.

To ensure our position in the market and keep long-term cooperation with customers, we will committed to provide you with quality products and services all the time.

Choosing our All In One LED Lighting, is choosing lighting the way to your future!